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Japanese mini trucks were initially brought to Japan in 1949 and quickly became very well-liked due to their excellent pricing.

They provide excellent quality at competitive rates, powerful but fuel-efficient engines, small sizes, and all the towing, hauling, dumping, and transportation advantages of larger trucks. Although they are excellent on the road, they also have 4WD for times you need extra traction.


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EPA Certified minitrucks are sold as offroad only

Used Mini Trucks for Sale in Missouri

Japanese mini trucks provide several advantages for businesses, such as being reasonably priced, fuel-efficiency, adaptability, ease of drive, and dependability.

Minitruck Imports is the ideal spot if you are seeking a light commercial vehicle. There are a few considerations to make if you’re shopping for a used compact truck. First off, not all tiny trucks are created equal, and there are several varieties of mini trucks on the market.

Find the best one for your needs by conducting a comprehensive search. Additionally, compact trucks may be a fantastic investment, but they are not inexpensive, so you should be ready to spend a reasonable sum for a high-quality car.

Finally, finding a sturdy mini truck requires substantial investigation because they are not always simple to discover. You will undoubtedly locate an excellent micro truck in the United States if you are ready to do some research.

Premium Quality Kei Trucks at Mini truck Imports

Online mini truck purchases provide a number of advantages. You might start by contrasting the features and costs offered by various sellers. With us, you get the finest quality vehicles for a low cost.

Additionally, we also provide used micro trucks. Therefore, it is no problem if your budget does not enable you to get a brand-new one. Instead, you may purchase a secondhand compact truck. Our selection of pre-owned micro trucks undergoes a rigorous examination procedure.

Even if you are buying a pre-owned compact truck from us, we ensure no sacrifices are made. These vehicles are smaller, right-hand-driven, and either rear-wheel drive or even four-wheel drive are available as effective options. The first time their potential in the Japanese market was recognized was in 1949.

Additionally, these trucks often have 550cc or 660cc engines, and some of them are supercharged in accordance with rules set forth by the Japanese government in light of the size of the vehicles. You may have a useful work vehicle by purchasing this compact, lightweight four-wheel drive.

Kei trucks are highly popular because they offer strong weight carrying capacity, efficient engines, and good fuel economy. This is the main factor in why Kei trucks have gained popularity across the globe.

Suzuki Carry, Nissan Clipper, Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, and Subaru are some well-known micro trucks for sale.

Mini Trucks Imports Is a Single Stop Shop

In Missouri, Mini Truck Imports sells both new and used Japanese mini trucks, so if you want to purchase one, you have come to the right spot. Numerous right-hand-drive micro trucks are available for purchase.

In order for your car to reach you as soon as possible or as soon as it is convenient for you, we know how to arrange for shipping. We are able to interpret all the necessary rules and paperwork for you since we are familiar with them. In addition, we like using all of that in your favor through our committed customer service.

As a result, you can quickly compare the truck’s pricing to its desirable characteristics. You can rely on our customer service to find you the best vehicle for your needs. In addition, we have been in this industry for a long time, making us the top importer of Japanese mini trucks. Contact us right now!

“I highly recommend Mini Truck imports to anyone looking to buy a minitruck. The Daihatsu Hijet dump that I was Iooking for was right there on the lot and I went to pick it up the very next day. The other dealers all seem to have the same inventory on the websites all claiming to be “arriving soon” but their minitrucks were all still sitting in Japan. The owner, Jon was super friendly and knowledgeable about these minitrucks and gave me all the helpful tips on maintaintenance. I will definitely buy my next minitruck from Minitruck Imports again.”
– Kent Batman, Lumberton, TX

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