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Rules And Regulations To Drive A Minitruck In The USA

RULES AND REGULATIONS TO DRIVE A MINITRUCK IN THE USA? Introduction The number of mini trucks on the road is what makes them most remarkable. The majority of truck rental firms offer these common moving vans, sometimes referred to as Kei trucks. Mini trucks are big, but they are different from semi-trucks. But like every […]

Daihatsu Hijet Maintenance Tips

DAIHATSU HIJET MAINTENANCE TIPS The Daihatsu Hijet is a mini-truck that is available in a variety of body styles and configurations. It possesses a 4-cylinder Daihatsu Hijet engine cooled by water that can produce more than 65 horsepower.The Daihatsu Hijet 660CC specifications have a manual transmission and come in two and four-wheel drive trims. It […]

used mini trucks for sale under minimum price

BEST USED MINI TRUCKS FOR SALE UNDER $5000 Japanese mini trucks aka Kei trucks designed and manufactured in the East Asian country Japan possess the rear-hand drive and four-wheel drive options. Kei trucks are known to be versatile, robust, and flexible. The Japanese mini trucks are available across the globe in different sizes. However, the […]

What Are The Rare Features Of Suzuki Carry?

WHAT ARE THE RARE FEATURES OF SUZUKI CARRY? The Suzuki Carry, commonly known as Suzuki Kyari in Japanese, was initially designed in 1959. However, the manufacturing for the Kei truck started in 1961, and the first generation of Suzuki Carry was launched in October.The Suzuki Carry, since its launch in October 1961, has competed with […]

Honda Acty Maintenance Tips

HONDA ACTY MAINTENANCE TIPS Acty, the Honda mini truck is a series of cab-over-engine (COE) micro vans and Kei-class trucks designed and manufactured by Japanese public multinational conglomerate manufacturer Honda. It is the most popular and acclaimed Kei truck produced by Honda.With its headquarters in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan, Honda was founded in September 1948 […]

What Is The Top Speed Of Daihatsu Hijet?

WHAT IS THE TOP SPEED OF DAIHATSU HIJET? The Daihatsu Hijet 4×4 is a popular compact vehicle that is highly favored by people who need a reliable and efficient mini truck for personal or commercial use. It is a versatile and practical minitruck that offers plenty of features and options to accommodate various lifestyles and […]

How Much Do Used Mini Trucks Cost

WHAT IS THE GAS MILEAGE OF HONDA ACTY Mini trucks, commonly known as Japanese Kei trucks, are available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive and are sold across the globe in different sizes for carrying loads and off-road traveling. The first Kei truck was designed in 1955; however, it wasn’t launched for sale in the […]

Best Compact Mini Trucks For Personal Use In 2023

BEST COMPACT MINI TRUCKS FOR PERSONAL USE IN 2023 Mini Trucks, commonly known as Kei-class trucks, are commonly used all over the world for different commercial and personal uses. More and more people are opting to buy mini trucks instead of heavy-duty trucks for transporting goods, cargo, and humans from one place to another.This is […]

Mini Trucks For Private Fleet

MINI TRUCKS FOR PRIVATE FLEET Mini trucks, also known as mini dump trucks, are the best vehicles for fastened grounds, private possessions, and largely reserved farmsteads. Some of the private properties depend on new vehicles with low speeds, including golf carts. However, these vehicles are less useful and more expensive than Japanese private fleet mini […]

A Step By Step Guide For Mitsubishi Minicab Maintenance Tips

A STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR MITSUBISHI MINICAB MAINTENANCE TIPS Mitsubishi Minicab is owned by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Group, commonly known as Mitsubishi Gurūpu and Mitsubishi Keiretsu in Japan. It is a group of independent conglomerate corporations in a variety of industries located within Japan and was established by Yatarō […]