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Mitsubishi Minicab is owned by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Group, commonly known as Mitsubishi Gurūpu and Mitsubishi Keiretsu in Japan. It is a group of independent conglomerate corporations in a variety of industries located within Japan and was established by Yatarō Iwasaki in 1870.Mitsubishi designs and manufactures some of the best mini trucks or Kei-class trucks such as Minicab. The mini trucks designed by Mitsubishi are also available as micro vans and have been popular throughout the world since they were launched in the 1970s. In addition, the Mitsubishi Minicab is also available as an all-electric model, known as Minicab MiEV globally.Initially designed and manufactured for Japanese roads, the Mitsubishi mini truck for sale is popular globally for its compact design, reliability, consistency, and fuel efficiency. It is a small yet powerful used mini truck that offers great value for money. Mitsubishi mini truck for sale is classified into eight different generations based on the design, engine, and safety performance:

  • First Generation – 1970 to 1971
  • Second Generation – 1971 to 1975
  • Third Generation – 1976 to 1984
  • Fourth Generation – 1984 to 1991
  • Fifth Generation – 1991 to 1999
  • Sixth Generation – 1999 to 2014
  • Seventh Generation – 2014 to 2015
  • Eighth Generation – 2015 to Present

Mitsubishi Minicab Specifications

The Mitsubishi mini truck for sale offers great fuel efficiency by giving over 40 Miles Per Gallon. The vehicle’s weight is around 790 kg and is equipped with a powerful three-cylinder engine and a four-cylinder Single Overhead Cam (SOHC4) valve. Some of the other specifications of the Mitsubishi mini truck include the following:

  • Transmission Gearbox – 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Drive Wheels – Drivetrain 4-Wheel Drive – Traction
  • Engine Size & Displacement – 657 cm3
  • Height Of The Exterior – 180 cm
  • Length Of The Exterior – 329 cm
  • Width Of The Exterior – 139 cm
  • Body Type – Mini Truck
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 42 Liters
  • Cruise Control
  • Power Adjustable Seats

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Pros and Cons Of Mitsubishi Mini Truck

The Mitsubishi Minicab is a mid-engine used mini truck that comes in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. In 1970, the mini truck was designed and manufactured keeping in mind Japan’s streets and meteorological conditions. But, it was made available for the international automotive industry a few years later. As with other mini trucks available globally, Mitsubishi Minicab comes with its own set of pros and cons, including the following:

Pros Of Mitsubishi Minicab:

  • Good fuel mileage (more than 40 mpg)
  • Rear-wheel drive & four-wheel drive
  • Compact in size, which means it takes up very little space
  • Steadiness & stability
  • It comes with multiple configurations & customizations

Cons Of Mitsubishi Minicab:

  • Smaller cabins
  • Less popular globally as other used mini trucks
  • Difficult to find replacement parts

Mitsubishi Minicab Maintenance Tips

Depending on the meteorological conditions and the environment of the region you live in, the Mitsubishi mini truck for sale could be wide-open to rust and corrosion. So, if the area you live in is surrounded by rain or water, or you park your mini truck in a cold area, the Mitsubishi Minicab could oxidize and experience erosion. Some of the maintenance tips for Mitsubishi Minicab include the following:

  • You need to maintain the visibility of the screen.
  • The transmission & engine must be maintained on a regular basis.
  • Park your mini truck in dry areas to protect your Mitsubishi Minicab against corrosion.
  • Ensure that the traction of the vehicle is maintained.
  • It would be best to keep the wiring system proper.
  • The battery of the Mitsubishi mini truck must be checked regularly.

Why Prefer Mitsubishi Minicab Over Other Trucks

Japanese automobile designers and manufacturers tend to develop the best mini cabs and mini trucks that are highly dependable, consistent, and efficient in numerous insistences. As a result, people all over the world prefer importing mini trucks manufactured in Japan.It is the major reason for the sales of Mitsubishi Minicabs rising in the last few years, as they are affordable in price and possess effective functionality. Furthermore, some of the other reasons for the popularity of Mitsubishi Minicabs throughout the United States of America include the following:

  • The mini trucks designed by Mitsubishi are useful as they are easy to grip with a slight turn.
  • Mitsubishi mini cabs provide a fuel efficiency of more than 40 MPG, which is helpful with fuel prices going up
  • The mini trucks manufactured by Mitsubishi are comparatively cheaper and possess state-of-the-art features.
  • The Japanese mini trucks attract the audience because of their top quality, enhanced technology, and fewer failures.
  • Mitsubishi Minicab’s performance is better than other mini trucks within the same price range.
  • The mini trucks designed by Mitsubishi have quiet engine and can are mostly used in hunting as it does not make much noise.
  • Mitsubishi Minicab is also widely used in other industries, such as farmsteads, agriculture, hospitals, parks, etc.
  • The Mitsubishi mini truck can help users to transport heavy equipment and other goods for construction at affordable prices.


The Mitsubishi Minicab is an ideal vehicle for both personal and commercial use. However, it needs to be taken care of. You must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a dry space and is saved from rust and corrosion.Moreover, it would be best to check the Mitsubishi mini truck for sale regularly to ensure that the Kei truck has a longer life and offers a smooth and safe ride. As a result, it will make it look new each day and be fun to drive. Moreover, regular checks and maintenance will help decrease the costly power-driven issues.

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