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Mini trucks, commonly known as Japanese Kei trucks, are available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive and are sold across the globe in different sizes for carrying loads and off-road traveling. The first Kei truck was designed in 1955; however, it wasn’t launched for sale in the automobile markets until 1959.On the other hand, the first used mini truck for sale (Datsun 1000 pickup) in the United States of America was launched in 1962 that was powered by a 1000 CC four-cylinder engine. However, soon after the launch, the engine of the truck was updated to 1200 CC and was moved out of the category of used mini trucks.The mini-sized pickup trucks have been most popular all across Asia for the last few years, and they are now gaining popularity in the United States, especially in North America. Apart from the United States of America, individuals living in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada are stunned by the uses and reliability of these mini dump trucks.

How Much Do Mini Trucks Cost

Mini trucks are commonly used all over the world for personal and commercial purposes and are famous due to their reliability, versatility, and multifunctional uses. So, if you are looking to buy a new mini dump truck, you can find it at the prices mentioned below:
  • Year Of Made (2010 to 2017) – Price Rage (10,000 USD – 15,000 USD)
  • Year Of Made (2000 to 2010) – Price Rage (8,000 USD – 12,000 USD)
  • Year Of Made (1995 to 2000) – Price Rage (6,500 USD – 8,000 USD)
  • Year Of Made (1990 to 1995) – Price Rage (5,000 USD – 7,500 USD)
These prices highly depend on the model and trim you choose and the brand you are looking for. However, these prices can exceed if you are looking for too many customizations. However, buying these mini trucks from a reliable dealer, such as Mini Trucks Imports, is recommended.

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Best Used Mini Trucks Cost In 2023

If you are looking for used pickup trucks for sale under 5000, you can find a comprehensive range of options available. So, let us look at a few mini trucks and their prices:

1. Daihatsu Hijet

One of the most reliable used mini trucks for sale, the Daihatsu Hijet, has been designed and manufactured by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., one of the oldest persisting Japanese internal combustion engine producers. The Daihatsu Hijet is available in multiple body styles and configurations and is powered by a four-cylinder engine, particularly designed for off-roading.It comes with automatic and manual transmissions possessing 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive models and is popular throughout the USA. It is known to be the most reliable and economical mini truck and is ideal for both commercial and personal use.The mini dump truck is equipped with a patent mid-engine for all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility task vehicles (UTV) that have been placed near the cabin at the back. Furthermore, it has a diffusion case with a compressed rear axle and an evident variance.Used Daihatsu Hijet Price in the United States of America – From 3,300 USD to 4,240 USD

2. Suzuki Carry

Suzuki is one of the biggest Japanese manufacturers of several types of automotive, including but not limited to cars, carriages, motorcycles, wagons, Kei-class trucks, outboard marine engines, utility task vehicles (UTV), and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).The used mini truck Suzuki Carry, launched in October 1961, is produced by Suzuki Motor Corporation, possesses a 660 CC engine, weighs around 657 kgs (approximately 1450 pounds ), and is a conventional four-wheel drive vehicle. It can carry more than 400 kgs of cargo and luggage and can achieve more than 40 MPG in rainy and snowy conditions.Even though the newer generations of Suzuki carry comes with the name of Suzuki Every, it is popular across the globe with the name Suzuki Carry.Suzuki Carry Price in the United States of America – From 3,540 USD to 4,760 USD

3. Honda Acty

Honda Acty is a sequence of forward cab trucks and is one of the best-selling used mini trucks for sale in the United States of America. It is produced by the eighth largest automaker in the world, Honda Motor Corporation selling more than 300 million vehicles annually.The used pickup truck for sale under 5000, Honda Acty, is known as a flexible, robust, agile, and consistent Kei truck at affordable prices. Due to its low prices, Honda Acty has less lavish and deluxe specifications that are mostly found in the other vehicles of its competition.In addition, Honda Acty is a 4 × 4 Drivetrain that takes up little space due to its compact size and can be customized easily. The mini dump truck is steady and offers more than 45 MPG fuel mileage.Honda Acty Price in the United States of America – From 2,550 USD to 4,070 USD

Final Thoughts

Before you plan to buy a used mini truck, it is recommended to list down the uses and the budget for buying a vehicle. Moreover, you must also consider the following things to ensure that the mini truck lasts long and you do not face challenges after buying the vehicle:
  • Are the spare parts of the selected mini truck available in your region?
  • What is the climate like throughout the year?
  • Is the vehicle suitable for tough metrological conditions?
  • Do you want to use the mini truck for personal use, commercial use, or both?
All the mini trucks mentioned above are known worldwide for their durability, reliability, and versatility. If you are looking to buy a new or secondhand mini truck for sale, you can contact the sales team of Mini Trucks Import, and we guarantee you the best deal.

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