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The Suzuki Carry, commonly known as Suzuki Kyari in Japanese, was initially designed in 1959. However, the manufacturing for the Kei truck started in 1961, and the first generation of Suzuki Carry was launched in October.The Suzuki Carry, since its launch in October 1961, has competed with a number of Kei trucks globally, such as the Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Honda Acty, and Mitsubishi Minicab.The first and second generations of the Suzuki-made Carry were sold in the international market under the name of Suzulight. It emphasized on the vision of Suzuki to launch Kei Jidosha, also known as light cars.In 1982, the Suzuki Carry truck was renamed Suzuki Every with a longer bonnet and a larger four-cylinder engine that possesses a 1.3-liter 86-hp (63 kW). In some countries, the Suzuki mini truck for sale was sold as Ford and Chevrolet.

Suzuki Carry Overview

The Suzuki truck is a highly-used commercial vehicle to carry construction materials and other goods. Suzuki carry is sold all across the globe and can easily be found on roads anywhere in the world.Many people prefer buying the Suzuki mini truck for personal use than commercial use. Even though buying a Suzuki mini truck for sale is a crucial task, Suzuki makes it easy by designing and manufacturing a reliable and steady vehicle. However, the Kei trucks produced by Suzuki Motor Corporation are costly because of the technology used in them.The Suzuki Carry truck is currently in its eleventh generation starting from 1961. Let us look at the complete list of Suzuki Carry generations:
  • First Generation – FB & FBD – 1961 To 1965
  • Second Generation – L20 – 1965 To 1966
  • Third Generation – L30 & L31 – 1966 To 1969
  • Fourth Generation – L40 & L41 – 1969 To 1972
  • Fifth Generation – L50 & L60 – 1972 To 1976
  • Sixth Generation – ST10 | ST20 | ST80 – 1976 To 1979
  • Seventh Generation – ST30 | ST40 | ST90 | ST100 – 1979 To 1985
  • Eighth Generation – DA71 | DB71 | DA81 | DA41 | DB41 | DA51 | DB51 – 1985 To 1991
  • Ninth Generation – DC51T | DD51T | DE51V | DF51V – 1991 To 1999
  • Tenth Generation – DA52 | DB52 | DA62| DA63 | DA64 | DA65 – 1999 To 2013
  • Eleventh Generation – DA16T | DA17V | DA17W – 2013 To Present

Rare Features Of Suzuki Carry

Talking about the specifications of the Suzuki mini truck for sale, the wheels are approximately 185 cm and have a length of around 330cm. The width of the wheelbase of Suzuki Carry is 140 cm, and the height of the wheels is approximately 171.5 cm.Moreover, the restraint weight of the wheels is more than 600 kg, and the mini truck can carry more than 300 kg of weight. Similarly, the ground clearance of the mini truck is 160 mm.As with any other mini truck, the Suzuki carry has its own unique features that make this mini truck the most favorable across the globe. Some of these include the following:

Sufficient Space & Legroom

The first thing that is looked after when people are looking to buy mini trucks is the space and the legroom. This is because mini trucks are not everyday vehicles and are mostly used for long travels and carrying cargo.So, the designers of the Suzuki Carry and Suzuki Every decided to relocate the shift lever of the mini truck. The shift lever was initially placed on the floor, which caused a reduction in the legroom, and the drivers were facing a problem.So, the designers moved the shift lever to the dashboard in the new vehicle generations, considerably increasing legroom. In addition, the Suzuki Carry was designed on a Cab-Over engine (COE) model that puts the wheelhouse ahead of the compartment. The outcome of the offering extra legroom for driver and passenger.

Plenty Of Storage

The spaces and places in the sprint and all through the compartment is the best feature of the Suzuki Carry van. Moreover, Suzuki Carry offers passengers adequate opportunities to store receipts, booklets, food items, and water bottles.The sufficient storage space in the Suzuki Carry is best for people who travel on longer roads too often along with their family and for people who transfer tons of cargo in a month.

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Biggest Cargo Space

One feature that Suzuki has not designed in the Carry is the truck bed. However, Suzuki is working on making it a part of the mini truck in the upcoming generations. Even though a truck bed is the essence of a light commercial vehicle, Suzuki has ensured that Carry is still the best-selling mini truck around the world.The Suzuki Carry has the biggest cargo space of more than 166 cm wide and 256.5 cm long. So, if the size of your furniture is less than the given sizes, you can load it into the Suzuki Carry. Moreover, the mini truck has a height of more than 116 cm to ensure that the cargo can stand tall.

A Whole Lot Of Features

Whatever we have stated above is just the tip of the iceberg. However, the Suzuki Carry truck offers multiple other features including the following:
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Cabin Lights Front
  • Manual Air Conditioner
  • Assist Grip on Ceiling
  • Steering Lock
  • USB Port (Center Console)
  • 12v Accessory Socket (Centre Console Area)
  • Sun Visors Passenger’s Side
  • AM/FM Audio System with Antenna
  • Instrument Panel Ornament (Colored)
  • Cup Holder (Driver Side)
  • Cup Holder (Passenger Side)
  • Instrument Panel Ornament (Film)
  • Heater
  • Sun Visors Driver’s Side
  • 1DIN MP3
  • Differential Lock
  • Power Windows
  • Auto Locking Front Hubs
  • Power Locks

Suzuki Carry Technology & Safety

The Suzuki mini truck for sale comes with an affordable price tag even though it possesses several safety and technology features. The additional safety features in the light commercial vehicle manufactured by Suzuki are seatbelts and an immobilizer.These features are currently not offered by any other competitors. The other technology and safety features that are included as standard in the vehicle are:
  • 1 Director Identification Number Sound System
  • Powerful Speakers
  • Steering Lock
  • Side Impact Beams
  • Front Impact Beams

Pros & Cons Of Suzuki Carry

As with any other mini truck or lightweight commercial, the Suzuki mini truck for sale comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Some of them include the following:

Pros Of Suzuki Carry

  • Compact vehicle but effective & efficient for longer routes
  • Large cargo capacity
  • Tall height to ensure the accommodate luggage
  • Enhanced engine performance

​Cons Of Suzuki Carry

  • Lacks advanced safety features
  • The external design is not innovative
  • Small wheels can cause problems on difficult roads

Five Reasons To Prefer Suzuki Carry Over Other Mini Trucks

The engine performance of the Suzuki Carry is the best among all the other mini trucks existing currently, and it possesses a firm axis and rear leaf springs. However, if you are looking to buy a Suzuki Carry truck for commercial use, here are the five reasons you should prefer Suzuki over other brands:

  • Unique Driving Position
  • Mid-Engine
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Air Intake Behind Your Head
  • Fun To Drive On Long Routes


Before you plan to buy a Suzuki Carry truck, it is recommended to consider your needs and pick out the purpose for buying it. Whether personal or commercial. Also, if you plan to buy a used Suzuki mini truck for sale. In that case, you need to check the mileage, lifespan, exterior condition, engine performance, and fuel efficiency of the Suzuki Carry.Moreover, if you are looking for a reliable business from which to buy a used Suzuki Carry, you can contact Minitruck Import, top-quality secondhand Japanese Kei Trucks. We have our warehouse based in Louisiana, but we offer the services to deliver the vehicles all through the United States of America.You can simply get in touch with our welcoming sales team and select your preferred model of Suzuki Carry or any other mini truck from our lot. We ensure you the best prices and top-notch customer service.

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