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Daihatsu Hijet Review: Should You Get It?

DAIHATSU HIJET REVIEW: SHOULD YOU GET IT? There are many reasons that make the Daihatsu Hijet a top choice among consumers. Classified as a microvan, the Hijet comes in many variants, including a Kei truck. Kei trucks are well-known among consumers for their fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability.The Daihatsu Hijet has been in production for […]

Are Mini Trucks Street Legal?

ARE MINI TRUCKS STREET LEGAL? Mini trucks are legal, but they are subject to terms and limitations. In addition to being popular in Japan, mini trucks and Kei trucks are imported and adored worldwide. The Japanese Kei trucks are certainly familiar to you unless you live under a rock. However, these compact trucks are ordinary […]

Daihatsu Hijet VS. Honda Acty: A Detailed Comparison

DAIHATSU HIJET VS. HONDA ACTY: A DETAILED COMPARISON Do you own a business and frequently require Kei trucks for the transport of goods, animals, construction material, or furniture? The Japanese Kei trucks are one of the most popular vehicles worldwide due to a number of reasons. They are used in various businesses for their usability, […]

Things to look for in a Mini Truck before Buying It

5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN A MINI TRUCK BEFORE BUYING IT Buying a new vehicle, especially a specialty vehicle such as a kei or mini truck is a significant investment. While used trucks may cost less than new ones, it is still a significant amount to spend. You should ensure that you make the […]

How Fast Can A Honda Acty Go

HOW FAST CAN A HONDA ACTY GO? Introduction Are you willing to buy a 4X4 Honda Acty Mini Truck? One of the greatest Kei trucks available now is the Honda Acty. They are cherished for their excellent performance, dependability, and affordability. It is a vehicle that has been warmly accepted by many users all around […]

What Are Mini Trucks Used For

WHAT ARE MINI TRUCKS USED FOR? You must have heard about mini trucks, whether you’re an auto dealer, enthusiast, or perhaps you’ve been keeping up with automotive trends. They have a wonderful reputation, and people, especially in the US, adore them whether they are customized or not.It is no surprise, given the type and attention […]

Daihatsu Hijet Vs Suzuki Carry

DAIHATSU HIJET VS SUZUKI CARRY The well-known Japanese automakers Daihatsu and Suzuki both largely produce the Daihatsu Hijet and Suzuki Carry. Because of their dependability, adaptability, mobility, and distinctive design, they are well-known in the industry. Due to the similarities and differences that exist between the two vehicles, we shall compare the Daihatsu Hijet and […]

How Fast Can Mini Trucks Go

HOW FAST CAN MINI TRUCKS GO? Introduction Japanese mini trucks can haul (up to 1700 pounds), climb slippery slopes (thanks to their 4WD and hi/lo adjustable range), and even dump (certain models, at least), but some people wonder how quickly they go. The top speed for Japanese mini trucks is between 62 and 75 mph. […]


MINI TRUCKS VS. SIDE BY SIDE UTVS Let’s face it: picking the ideal crossover utility-terrain vehicle or all-terrain vehicle is no simple undertaking. ATVs and UTVs are available in an almost infinite number of models, sizes, styles, functions, and pricing points. But there are several crucial elements to take into account before you spend ten […]

Suzuki Carry Vs. Honda Acty

SUZUKI CARRY VS. HONDA ACTY SUZUKI CARRY VS. HONDA ACTY Do you want a Japanese used mini truck for sale because you love its ease and features? You must have thought about a few choices; if that is the case, Suzuki Carry and Honda Acty would be on top among other brands and models of […]