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Buying a new vehicle, especially a specialty vehicle such as a kei or mini truck is a significant investment. While used trucks may cost less than new ones, it is still a significant amount to spend. You should ensure that you make the right purchase the first time around to avoid disappointment later. Changing your newly purchased mini truck soon after purchasing it isn’t a practical or wise solution either. So, it is important to understand what to look for in a mini truck before buying it. This is especially true for buying a used mini truck since the new one may not be within everyone’s range. Whether it is your first time purchasing a Kei truck or not, there are certain things you should be aware of before finalizing your decision. It can help you make the most of your investment and put your hard-earned money in the right truck. Here are 5 things to look for before buying the mini truck:
Things You Should look For In A Mini Truck Before Buying

Purpose of Use

Kei trucks come in many body styles and specifications. Each truck comes with its specifications and are meant for different kinds of uses. Some trucks are fit for transporting goods while others work best on construction sites where you can deposit material on the ground. Knowing how you will be using the truck is important to make the right choice. However, kei trucks are also a popular vehicle in the suburbs and used to provide conveyance to people. If you are purchasing a used kei truck, it will benefit you to inquire about the use of the vehicle previously. For instance, if the vehicle was previously used to transport heavy-duty goods, it will have more wear and tear as opposed to one that was used to transport lighter goods. Knowing how you will be using the Kei truck can also help you choose the right used mini truck.

Maintenance Report

Another very important thing to know before you purchase your truck, especially if it is a used one, is its repair and maintenance history. It can reveal a lot about the vehicle, how it has been used and what you can expect of the performance in the future. Asking the dealer for the vehicle’s repair and maintenance report is essential to clear your doubts about its wear and tear and previous use. A report can tell you the frequency of maintenance conducted on the vehicle, which will give you an idea of its overall quality. Another point to consider when checking the maintenance report is whether the vehicle has undergone regular maintenance. If it has, it is likely to perform better in comparison to a vehicle that has been neglected.

Look for Physical Defects

Before finalizing the purchase of your mini truck, you must inspect its physical condition. Certain things can reveal a lot about the vehicle’s health and will help you make an informed decision. In case you are purchasing a used truck, you should first check the mileage. It reveals the distance covered by the truck and the amount of wear-and-tear it has undergone. A low mileage is better as it suggests a better condition of the vehicle. The next thing to check is the vehicle’s tires. Their condition will reveal if the vehicle has undergone extensive use. A quick look at the vehicle’s body will also reveal many things. Usually, Kei trucks come painted white, and any damage, rust, or spots on the body can easily be detected. Look out for signs of discoloration or rust, which suggest that the vehicle has been driven incorrectly and may not be in very good condition.Lastly, you must check the vehicle’s lights and other gear fitted inside. It should all be working perfectly fine. If you are buying the car online, make sure you get a vehicle inspection with the services, so there are no doubts left.

Check the Bed Condition

Mini trucks are generally purchased for their cargo bed at the back and their capacity. The vehicle is most likely used to transport heavy or lightweight goods, so you want to ensure the bed is in good condition. A vehicle with a damaged bed is already defeated, and there will be no point in investing in it. While the bed may apparently look okay, you should check for any signs of scratches, rust, dents, paint discoloration, and sagging. A Kei truck bed that sags at some place indicates that it has likely been roughly used. You should also cross-question the dealer about the bed condition and only go ahead with the deal once you are satisfied with their answers.

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Check the Chassis

Another important thing to look for in a mini truck before buying it is chassis. Buying a vehicle with a weak chassis is deliberately setting yourself up for regular repair and maintenance. When you are investing a significant amount of money in purchasing your Kei truck, you must ensure it has a strong chassis so that you can use the vehicle however you want. A weak chassis will prevent you from using the truck for heavy-duty equipment transport or even over long distances.

Other Things to Consider

These are some of the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing a Japanese Kei truck. However, other minor things also make a great difference. For instance, look for a reliable brand that is known for manufacturing the most sturdy mini trucks. Some names that you can consider include Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, and Subaru. Trucks from these brands are known for their quality. If they have undergone regular maintenance and upkeep, there are chances that they will be in good condition. Even if you are purchasing a used Kei truck of one of these brands, it can last you a long time with the right vehicle maintenance. Another thing to consider before making your purchase is the model that you are getting. It could be difficult to find spare parts for some mini trucks compared to regular vehicles. Purchasing from a trusted source like Mini Trucks Imports will ease your worry as we also stock high-quality mini truck accessories and parts. You should also check with the dealer about the capacity of the truck. Some trucks may be fit for long-distance hauling, while others may do well over shorter distances. The truck’s versatility will enable you to use it for various purposes. Some dealers may also accommodate customization requests. So, if you have anything in mind, it is best to check with them beforehand. Minitruck Imports has the expertise to accommodate customizations which can be really beneficial in long-term use.

How Long Does A Mini Truck Last?

A mini truck or Kei truck is designed with specific uses in mind, so its design supports its capabilities. The general expectation for these trucks is to cover 90,000 miles. However, they can also go beyond 115,000 miles or up to 215,000 miles, depending on how it’s used. If you are buying a used mini truck, it is important to check the odometer reading, which will reveal the distance it has traveled. Usually, mini trucks in Japan cover 6000 miles/year, which is a good reading. A reading beyond this indicates that the vehicle has been overused and may incur regular repairs. However, knowing the odometer reading should help you in making the right choice. Like other vehicles, if you don’t conduct regular maintenance such as timely changing the oil, regularly revving up the engine, and checking the fluids, the lifespan of your Kei truck is likely to be reduced. Treating your truck right can help you expand its lifespan.

Cost of Minitrucks

The cost of a mini truck depends on various factors. New trucks can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000. However, you can get a used truck for significantly less. How you get it imported will also impact the overall cost. So, if you are buying a used mini truck, you can expect to spend anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. Certain models or makes can cost more.

End Word

Kei trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles coming out of Japan. They are used all over the world in different businesses and for various purposes. When you decide to buy a mini truck, you should know why you’re getting it. The purpose of the vehicle’s use will help you make the right choice. Minitruck Imports deals in a variety of makes and models of used mini trucks. You can get yours easily whether you are looking for a dump truck, jumbo, deck van, or another kind of vehicle for personal or business use. Minitruck ensures its used vehicle inventory has passed all the vehicle fitness checks. Only high-quality vehicles are selected for sale that are sourced from Japanese auctions. If you have concerns or queries, the customer services team is available to assist you from pre-purchase to post-purchase. An expert can help you make the right mini truck choice.

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