How Fast Can A Honda Acty Go?


Are you willing to buy a 4X4 Honda Acty Mini Truck? One of the greatest Kei trucks available now is the Honda Acty. They are cherished for their excellent performance, dependability, and affordability. It is a vehicle that has been warmly accepted by many users all around the world, and every day, more people buy them.You need something that can survive all weather conditions and get you through without too many problems if you’ve had issues transporting certain products, especially on off-roads. The ideal car you’ve been hunting for may be a 4X4 Honda Acty. 

Is Honda Acty A Reliable Vehicle?

The Honda Acty is a reliable, durable car that won’t break the bank. Small company owners or anyone who doesn’t require a large vehicle to drive will find this to be a terrific workhorse. With its 4WD system, you can navigate even the most difficult terrain.The Kei-class engines were being used by other manufacturers at the time as a result of the altered Japanese legislation.We are always there to serve you in your entire procedure of importing. For an estimate, get in touch with Mini Truck Imports, and we’ll have it ready for you. We may handle even the paperwork associated with imported autos. 

Generation Of Honda Acty

The Honda Acty is a small yet dependable and adaptable mini truck that was designed for country roads, making it one of the greatest mini trucks ever created. Continue reading to learn more about the generations of honda Acty and how to obtain one if you enjoy unique vehicles or just Japanese imports in general. 

First Generation

The Acty was introduced on July 27, 1977, even though tiny vehicles made their debut in Japan in 1949. They were created to replace the TN series, Honda’s previous Kei trucks. These obviously weren’t moving quickly, with the 545 cc engine producing only 28 horsepower and 30 lb. ft. of torque. The initial generation, however, had sufficient sales to endure until 1988, and production of a van variant based on the truck chassis began in 1979. 

Second Generation

Other enhancements were also included in the second generation.  A Radio was one of the options, there was a 3-speed automatic gearbox, and the previous generation’s square headlights were updated to rounder ones.  The Acty Attack and Acty Crawler were two of the specific trim levels from the second generation. The Attack had a 4-speed manual transmission, 4WD, and locking differentials to demonstrate how well it performed off-road driving. 

Third Generation

3rd generation was in charge from 1999 until 2009. There were a few noticeable upgrades, including more power, power steering, and improved fuel economy. The redesign of the Acty was influenced by safety regulations adopted by the Japanese government because this was the first model to come standard with driver and passenger airbags. 

Fourth Generation

Honda continued to develop and upgrade the Acty model even after it was no longer manufactured. Particularly the fourth generation attempted to preserve the outside appearance as much as possible. It had a 44-horsepower E072 engine and a 6.2-foot wheelbase, the same as the second generation, to provide the cabin with more room.

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Specification Of Honda Acty Truck

The comfort and carrying capacity of the Honda Acty Truck 2021 are well recognized. 

Engine & Power

It has a 660 cc, three-cylinder, SOHC, E07Z engine with twelve valves that has a maximum output of 59 Nm at 5000 RPM and 33 kW at 5500 RPM. 

Performance And Drive

With its upgraded suspension system, the Honda ACTY truck offers a steady ride even when heavily laden. The torque is increased by the inclusion of an ultra-low speed gear. Driving performance is therefore enhanced when the wheels become stuck in sand, snow, or mud. 


It is a two-door car with all the amenities you need to be comfortable working in the cabin every day. Considering this truck’s loading platform, which is its true draw, the width, and length of the loading platform are 1410 millimeters and 1940 millimeters.
Specification of Honda Acty
Specifications and Features of Honda Acty Mini Truck

Major Competition Of Honda Acty

There are many competitors of Honda Acty available in the market right now. People usually get confused by them, as they are very similar in shape size, and build. But, buyers should always want to compare two similar vehicles so that they get a clear idea of what they are purchasing.The major competitors of Honda Acty in this category are the following:
  • FAW Carrier
  • Hyundai Shehzore
  • Suzuki Mega Carry
  • Mushtaq KY10

How Fast Can Honda Acty Go?

One of a line of Japanese Kei trucks with mid-engine and either 2WD (rear-wheel drive) or 4WD layouts is the Honda Acty (four-wheel drive). The highest speed of the 4WD Honda Acty is 65 mph, whereas the top speed of the Street Honda Acty is 71 mph.Since the highest speed of the Honda Acty is just approximately 38 mph, it might not be essential to go on major roads to avoid being scared of them. Many of the mini truck’s owners, though, claim that you can pretty much drive it wherever you want without ever having to worry about running into a ramp. 


A Kei truck can be difficult to import from Japan, but it is worth the effort since it is a great vehicle that, although not fast, can manage a long day of labor.Check out our inventory for the best-used Honda Acty if you’re prepared to import a second-generation Acty. Minitruck Imports have a large variety of used mini trucks for sale and more than ten years of successful import experience. Additionally, each vehicle we offer is properly examined, so you can be sure that when you buy from us, you’re not only receiving high-quality service but also a truck that has passed all certifications.

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