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Mini Trucks, commonly known as Kei-class trucks in the United States of America, are used in diverse climatological conditions around the year. Some people use them as All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) for personal use, while others use them as Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) for outdoors, agriculture, farming, tracking, and other commercial uses.

So, if you plan to buy a mini truck 4×4 or a mini truck for sale in Ohio, Mini Trucks Import is the best place to be, as we offer the best quality vehicles at affordable prices. You can easily sell or buy Kei-class trucks from Mini Trucks Import without going through all the hassle.

The mini trucks for sale in Ohio accomplish more than expected, considering their small and compact size. This is the major reason for their popularity across the globe.

Even though they were initially manufactured keeping the Japanese metrological conditions in mind, they were versatile enough to be sold throughout the world. On the other hand, individuals prefer the mini trucks developed in Japan for their amazing services and built-in cargo capacity.


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EPA Certified minitrucks are sold as offroad only

Why Prefer Mini Trucks Import For Buying & Selling Mini Trucks

Mini Trucks Import offers the customers a detailed comparison chart of the specifications and prices of different mini trucks for sale in Ohio. In addition to this, we provide a comprehensive range of Kei-class trucks, including those designed and manufactured in Japan, the United States, and other regions of the world.

Furthermore, Mini Trucks Import is well-known across the USA for its customer services as we go above and beyond to attain a 100 percent customer satisfaction ratio. From importing the vehicle from japan to looking after the paperwork, we will do it all for you.

Japanese Mini Trucks: Key Benefits & Features

The Kei Trucks from Japan have stimulated stability and power, which is why they perform the best even in cold climates and unfriendly climatological circumstances. Furthermore, mini trucks ensure that the journey is relaxed even during heavy rain and snow. Additionally, the Japanese Kei trucks are well-equipped with features that make them proficient on off-roading sites. Some of the most essential features and key benefits of mini trucks for sale in Ohio include the following:

Small Size

The mini trucks designed and manufactured in Japan are slim and are available in different sizes. This means they are supposed to be less than 79 inches taller, less than 58 inches wider, and less than 134 inches long. This results in them going down several tracks that are narrow. Due to their small size, the mini trucks are flexible, versatile, and easy to maintain, making them cost effective.

Lock Up Differentials

The mini trucks for sale in Ohio are modified with lock up differentials resulting in the driver traveling them to 100 percent power of the engine connected to a solitary packed wheel. This feature is most important for off-roading sites, so this feature helps in commercial uses of the truck. On the other hand, the lock up differentials is included as a standard feature in the mini trucks.

Consistency & Stability

The core reason for the vehicles manufactured in Japan is the stability and consistency it offers. This makes the vehicles reliable, and people all over the world prefer buying these vehicles. The reliability and stability of these vehicles are most importantly seen in tough metrological conditions such as snow and rain.

“I highly recommend Mini Truck imports to anyone looking to buy a minitruck. The Daihatsu Hijet dump that I was Iooking for was right there on the lot and I went to pick it up the very next day. The other dealers all seem to have the same inventory on the websites all claiming to be “arriving soon” but their minitrucks were all still sitting in Japan. The owner, Jon was super friendly and knowledgeable about these minitrucks and gave me all the helpful tips on maintaintenance. I will definitely buy my next minitruck from Minitruck Imports again.”
– Kent Batman, Lumberton, TX

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