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As the name implies, a mini truck is a scaled-down pickup truck. The bed, cab, and engine are all diminutive. Two persons can fit in the usual mini truck. However, they are only 4 to 5 feet wide and an average of 6 feet long.

A micro truck has 30-65 horsepower, much less power than a standard pickup truck. In addition, since they have rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, mini trucks are more versatile and maintain their agility on more challenging routes.

Mini trucks or Kei trucks are well-known in Japan and fall under the category of light vehicles. They were created to be less expensive in terms of cost, tax, and insurance. As a result, these Kei vehicles made excellent choices for delivering supplies for farmers, store owners, and other small businesses.

These small Japanese trucks are incredibly light, sturdy, easy to maintain, economical with gasoline, and highly long-lasting. They are adored by people all around the world for their versatility.

The idea of Kei trucks and vehicles is how great they are all. The concept of the Japanese Mini Truck (and Japanese Mini Van) is fantastic as a whole and has undeniably stood the test of time.


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EPA Certified minitrucks are sold as offroad only

Get Best Quality Mini Trucks for Sale in Alabama

We think the Japanese Kei trucks for sale in Alabama would be ideal for you if you search for top-quality utility vehicles. These small trucks that can maneuver narrow lanes easily provide durability and accessibility. In addition, the top Kei vehicles are also simple to maintain and repair.

The most incredible thing about the Kei vehicles for sale is that they are reasonably priced. You can get a suitable vehicle in the price range of $800 to $5,000. These are also safe to drive and easy to control. The everyday errands can be handled much better with these small vehicles. Japanese Kei trucks are also excellent for a variety of uses. Their body and structure can also be customized according to your need.

What are Mini Trucks Used For?

Mini and Kei trucks are helpful for many different things. First, their size and cost make them a practical vehicle for use. Moreover, a tiny truck’s adaptability attracts a broad target market.

A prop manager may occasionally employ mini trucks to move objects while a movie is being made. Mini trucks provide excellent gas mileage and are handy in various occupations despite their limited capacity to carry many large, heavy objects and their slow peak speed.

Mulch or gravel for landscaping and gardening is perfect for carrying in these vehicles because some trucks have a side dump option. They may be used for modest yard chores and transportation and are less expensive than a truck.

Some individuals utilize these trucks to move bicycles and mountain bikes. A few bikes can fit in the bed without any issue, and racks may be mounted to make carrying your bicycles in the truck bed easier.

Import your Favorite Mini Trucks from Minitruck Imports

Minitruck Imports, which offers both new and used Japanese mini trucks, is the best place to go if you want to purchase one in Alabama. Our inventory of right-hand-drive compact vehicles is very diverse.

The trucks’ price and appealing features can be easily compared on our easy-to-navigate website. You can trust us with our services, and we’re here to help you choose a vehicle that suits your needs.

We are the top micro truck importer in the US because of our extensive industry experience. So send us a message right away to book your vehicle!

“I highly recommend Mini Truck imports to anyone looking to buy a minitruck. The Daihatsu Hijet dump that I was Iooking for was right there on the lot and I went to pick it up the very next day. The other dealers all seem to have the same inventory on the websites all claiming to be “arriving soon” but their minitrucks were all still sitting in Japan. The owner, Jon was super friendly and knowledgeable about these minitrucks and gave me all the helpful tips on maintaintenance. I will definitely buy my next minitruck from Minitruck Imports again.”
– Kent Batman, Lumberton, TX

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